Morgan is a 13 year old Hip Hop dancer passionate about individuality. She started dance classes at the age of 3. Classically trained in Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Lyrical – Morgan’s favorite dance style is Hip Hop. She gets motivated from a quote by Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” At the age of 8, Morgan got her start in the Hip Hop community with Kaba Modern’s junior crew. She has also danced with MINIOTICS (Poreotics’ junior crew) and Underground Dance team. During her time with Miniotics, she won the Silver and Bronze medals for the USA division at Hip Hop International. Inspired by many leaders in the industry, she looks forward to creating her own choreography and teaching others her unique style.

Morgan is a part of the TEDxYouth@BommerCanyon Youth Council. At such a young age, she’s even given a TED talk. Check her out Beat Up or Beat Down She is academically well-rounded being a key player for her Middle School’s Leadership program and also an active member of ASB. Behind the scenes, Morgan enjoys street art and street wear. Recently she has been officially sponsored by the brand ILLEST. You can find their stores in the Bay Area, LA, Orange County and the Philippines. Morgan dreams to travel the world to taste and learn about all the different lifestyles. She has been to Europe, Japan & the Philippines and she embraces each cultural influence. For fun, she loves to catch the waves at the beach, count the colors while admiring sunsets, watch-draw-read Naruto and is fond of Pandas. You can often find her with family and friends at the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney is her second home.

Morgan has a very positive outlook and follows the motto “Live what you Love”. She believes that success is not what you accomplish but who you become.